The History, Evolution, Health Benefits & Classes of Violin

Travel Articles | December 22, 2015

The violin is said to have originated in the European Renaissance in 1500. The violin is believed to be created by Andrea Amati in the year 1555. He was among the first generations to make stringed instruments. Cremona, Italy is the place where Andrea Amati and his sons used to make world’s finest violins and that is why Cremona is known to be the home of the violin. With the passage of time, the violin became extremely popular throughout the Europe and art of building violin reached its peak. Guarneri and Stradivari, are two most famous violin makers from Cremona, Italy who learned the skills from the Amati School of Violin Craftsmanship.
Over the years, Violin has undergone many changes in the design, construction and dimensions. The ancient violins have a thicker and shorter neck. They had flat bridge and short finger board. Many changes were made to the ancient design of the Violin to allow higher pitch and produce more volume. Though it may seem simple, but playing violin is not that easy as it seems to be. The end results are worth practice and effort. You can join violin lessons in San Jose to learn the nuances of the violin. The highly experienced and skilled music teachers would help you learn the correct hand movements and techniques. They will help you learn where to place your fingers and how to press the strings down to make the correct notes. You will also need to practice a lot and watch your hand movements to produce correct notes.
Music is fun. There are numerous benefits of learning a musical instrument. It gives you a creative outlet and explore the world of music. Playing a musical instrument provides your mind and body a good exercise. It exercises the various areas of your brain and improves focus, concentration and memory. It also makes you feel relieved if you are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, if you play a musical instrument regularly.
You can either take group or individual violin lessons in San Jose. If you love studying in groups, then you may join group classes. However, if you want to get the undivided attention of the music teacher, then you can join private classes. These classes help you develop confidence and skills. Music schools indulge students in various activities and gaming exercises that eventually develop their skills and become a better musician. Regular recitals and various events are conducted every year, to help students overcome their weaknesses and perform in front of a live audience. Violin classes are designed keeping the individual interests, learning style and musical goals in mind. The sizes of classes are kept limited just to give each student personal attention.
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