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The average person with no gaming experience will probably tell you that online casino slots are so popular because players are all chasing big jackpots. But perhaps surprisingly, the chance to win massive £1,000,000 jackpots isn’t really what motivates players – although make no mistake – everybody wants to be the next big winner!
When we ask players what they are looking for in their online gambling experience most people will immediately say that they’re looking for fun. Prime Slots fans are interested in enjoying themselves and like to login for some quality gaming time.
The reason slots and fruit machine players keep on coming back is because slots, scratch cards and instant win games are great to play. It’s the overall gaming entertainment that people enjoy and we’re always looking for ways to improve that fun.
We already add several of the best new online slots games to add to the site every month. One of the things that we like to do is to listen to our players and hear what they are looking for in a top quality slots or instant win game (apart from loads of cash prizes J of course). If you have any thoughts or suggestions about any of the topics below we’d love to hear from you – just add a comment, send us an email or talk to us on Facebook. It’s your input, feedback and ideas that helps us to make Prime Slots such a great site!

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