Love between twoIs Love

a matter of personal preference depending on a person’s morality, sense of need, a desire, sense of belonging, an attraction or many other things?
Observations of my male friends that gotten rich and gotten married somehow lost a desire for just one woman.

With money, I guess they can have as many as they want.
A short time after becoming Millionaires they got rid of their wives. Why? Maybe the same
Result would happen if the woman became wealthy. I hear many well-to-do women say
“What do I need with a man”. Why? Maybe it’s because a relationship, like marriage is a means of survival. A Union where each brings something to the “table”, a survival mechanism that makes it last.
When survival is not an issue, something happens that is detrimental.

When money is not an issue, why then do people cheat on their mates? I guess if opportunity is present
One may go after “younger meat”, or sexual desire, something prettier, different or “strange”.
If the person is good to you in every way, then exploring alternatives is not a good idea.
Abuse and deceit on the other hand, is a definitely a reason to leave

If the relationship you have is a good one, don’t change it. Love is a thing that you can’t see with your
eyes. Its more than a feeling, a sexual desire or something that money can replace. Love is precious and
not to be taken for granted. The mystery is still why so many cast it aside for not good reason.

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