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Insteon is the best-selling, most-reliable home and energy control and automation technology. With over 200 devices to choose from, Insteon adds remote control and automation to lighting, appliance and home control applications of all types. This allowis you to manage your home the way you want. Easy to install and setup

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Home & Energy are concerns that are being met in new technological ways. This technology allows you use a smartphone, if you now how to use that, you already know how to use Insteon. With the Insteon Hub, controlling and configuring Insteon home automation devices is quick, easy and fun. Hub setup takes a couple of minutes and a few moments per light switch, sensor, etc. – all you need is to connect it to power and your home’s internet router. With the new HomeKit-enabled Insteon Hub Pro, you can control Insteon devices and HomeKit devices side by side. Manage your home with rooms and zones, create scenes and even control everything with Siri. Simply put, your smartphone communicates to your Hub from anywhere, and your Hub communicates with Insteon devices throughout your home.

Cconsider using an Insteon Starter Kit, which includes a Hub and some of the Insteon most popular product combinations to get you up and running with Insteon home control in no time at all.


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Home & Energy

The benefits of smart home Automation allows us to enjoy our home while saving energy and money working together..
All of the systems in a smart home should work well together. Many people have home automation control system devices like programmable thermostats, lighting timers, universal remote controls, and surveillance systems. These individual systems alone are useful, convenient, and time saving. Solar power and natural home built attributes help conserve energy also. Conserving energy is one of the goals of automated devices Home & Energy work together to make a more efficient, convenient energy conserving place to spend most of our time living in.