Ecocamel shower heads
Shop Ecocamel Orbit Softwater handle now!
water efficient, Ecocamel shower headsSave water with Ecocamel Jetstorm fixed shower head!

Shop Ecocamel Orbit Softwater handle now!

The Technology

 Creating a water efficient, powerful shower head was a huge challenge that took us
thousands of hours of designing and testing before the first models came off our
production line. So how do Ecocamel shower heads work to give you a real power shower
while actually using less water?

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Ecocamel shower heads

give you fantastic money saving performance as well as helping you do your bit for the planet.
But going green doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or performance. Our shower heads give you a complete full flow spa-like shower by using the latest water and energy saving technology. And that could also save you money on your utility bills.
Our groundbreaking range of shower heads incorporates our revolutionary AIRCORE TECHNOLOGY to inject air directly into the water stream so you use less water but still experience a powerful shower. And if you’re using less water, you’re using less heating energy – so you’re doing your bit for the planet and saving money too.
All Ecocamel shower heads are really easy to install – just unscrew your old shower head and screw in your new Ecocamel head.

Ecocamel supports ‘Water Works

Water Works is a charity committed to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to areas of greatest need. Unsafe drinking water and lack of basic sanitation is the number one cause of disease in the world. It kills ten times more people each year than all forms of violence including war, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction combined.

Companies using Ecocamel can save water & reduce energy, lowering their carbon footprint and their overhead.
Get in contact if you feel your business can benefit from our technology, we’d love to hear from you

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